Breaks My Heart...

From the speaker I heard last weekend...

PLEASE READ and SHARE the information!!!

RescueHer... have you heard of it?

Have you ever heard a story that touched your heart in a certain way that you had to do something because of the information you took in? Well, this was certainly one of those moments for me and I have to share the story with all of you.

RescueHer is about human trafficking. I've seen it in a movie before, you try to tell yourself its a movie, its not real, but your heart knows better... I knew when I saw the movie that it is very real and happening today... what a nightmare. I had no idea what I could do though, especially since I just saw it in a movie, so I just tried to push it out of my mind. Well last Saturday a lady came to our church and shared a story with us...

A man was going to India, while he was there he heard of an auction going on. He figured he'd get a van to fit his treasures in and brought $5000 to spend. (you would think you could get some beautiful furniture for that!) When he got to the destination of the auction and the auctioneer said "and our first item up for bid"... up walked a girl on the stage. Girl, after girl, after girl. This man who thought he was buying actual items was now praying to God and asking Him what to do, which girls should I buy. He only had $5000. So he felt led to buy the youngest girls. Girls started for a $100. He ended up buying girls for $500. When he was about out of money he decided to go "check out." Then one of the last girls up for auction was in the back and when she was called to the stage, the good man noticed that she was struggling very much to get to the stage... she had just been beaten, bleeding, bad leg, barely moving. The good man was going to head to help her out but the translator said "No! If he were to help her, no man would bid on her and she would be immediately killed behind the stage when the auction was over." When her bidding started the auctioneer smirked and started her off in mere cents. No one bid. The good man spoke up and said I'll pay $500! He was asked why in the world would he pay $500 when he could have her for $1? He said she's worth just as much as every other girl and wanted her to know she was just as worthy. So the man got his girls and took them to a doctor and then to a safe home.
How horrible is that that these innocent girls live in this kind of nightmare on a daily basis? Can you just walk away from a story like that... ignore that you ever read or heard it??? What can we do to help? Well there are organizations out there to help these individuals who are trafficked. This is where Rescue Her comes in.

From RescueHer site:
"The horrible things that are happening everyday in this holocaust we call Human Trafficking are hard to imagine. Little children being sold for sex; some as young as 4 years old. Every 30 seconds another child is captured. 32 billion dollars every year is made off the bodies of young girls & women in sex trafficking...

There are many amazing programs and ministries around the world that are rescuing children from the horrors of trafficking. But they need funds to keep going and to take care of the children they rescue. They need food, education, psychological help etc. We are raising money through ZOE coffee and our other initiatives and sending it directly to help these children. Our desire is to raise a TON of money from people all around the world that CARE and shower these ministries with all the money they need to rescue as many as they can!"

Please check out RescueHer's website and the about us HERE. A couple of the ministries they donate to is SHE Rescue Homes and Sower of Seeds. Look into the other ministries as well and support the one that tugs at your heart.

RescueHer does sell a few things to raise money (if you LOVE coffee join their club), but really do we need more things??? I say give as much as you can, go without a treat for a day, think of someone else who really needs your help before buying more things for yourself. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the little extras we are fortunate enough to be spoiled with, but please share a little, give someone else hope. Everyone deserves a safe environment and I believe God has us here to do our part. Anyway, think about it...donate a few bucks if you can. If everyone put in $2 it would help! Thanks so much for reading!!!

Have a blessed weekend!


Anonymous said...

Oh Jodi, that's so horrid. I don't know that I was aware of it...or maybe I've heard in passing...but never so fully. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. Bless you!

Christie Cottage said...

OH that is just awful. I have seen movies too. They make you not sleep for nights.

Thank you for sharing the organizations that help.