Art Show Continued

Some more photos from last Sundays Art Show...

Roger Wermers is getting a closer view of the challenge pieces. :)
Here is one of the challenge groupings. The little photo that is hanging on the left side is what all the artists looked at to make their artwork. (Yes, I was the odd ball... the one on the lower right. Ha, ha. I like to think I'm imaginative! You can read more about Dream Spirit HERE.) There were a total of seven challenge groupings.

This was one of the pieces from the onion challenge. Doris Symens-Armstrong is the artist... her work is amazing! I must say my photos don't do any of these pieces justice... they are much richer in person.

Each artist plus a few more that weren't involved in the challenge had an area to show some of their work.

The paintings in the background above are done by Roger Wermers. He knocks out paintings faster than anyone I know. His enthusiasm and artwork is inspiring!

These precious pastels are done by Sylvia Keszler. She's a sweetheart and her work matches her personality. ;)

Roger Bommersbach recently started watercolor painting. He's been impressing everyone with what he comes up with.

Here's a view of part of my display. Can't tell my daughter is one of my big inspirations. Ha, ha!

I love the feel of Judy Edenstrom's work! Splashes of color, kind of abstract but you can still tell what it is. The photo of her grouping didn't turn out... darn it! At least you get to see a glimpse.

Here's the birthday girl, Jodi Spilde, with some of her watercolors. You probably remember me blogging earlier about her. She is one busy painter and crafter! You can see more of her work HERE and on her blog HERE.

Wila Christensen did this GORGEOUS peony painting! It really makes me want to paint a flower! You can also see a little bit of a quilted runner made by Charlene Phiel in the background... her work is beautiful too!

So that was a little bit of the show. Beautiful quilts, photography and sculptures were also displayed along with several more paintings. It was a lot of fun to see! (The food was really good too!)


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Love, love, love it all! What a fun event! Your display is beautiful. I love that onion piece... gorgeous work! :)

Doris Symens-Armstrong said...

Thanks, Jodi, for covering this so well. It was so much fun and am already looking forward to the next challenge.