Up, Up & Away!

{Kaelyn's birthday drawing}
Yes, six years have flown by all too quickly. Wow! I vividly remember the day this beautiful girl came into our lives; it seems like it wasn't very long ago. And then somehow time started passing so quickly and everything became a blur. So thankful for photos to remind me of our life's happenings! Now more memories have been made and the beginning of her seventh year is one we should remember for quite some time! :)
The only way I could think to make a hot air balloon was to paper mache around a balloon. Thank goodness it worked as I didn't have a back up plan. Hee, hee. Her chocolate cake was also one of a kind. No one would have guessed it consisted of three different veggies. I was told it tasted like chocolate cheesecake! That made me happy as it was a recipe I imagined and had no idea if it would actually taste okay to eat! The best part was Kaelyn loved it and she did know it was made with veggies. Success! :)

 A wonderful handmade surprise from Grandma Shari!

We took her out for a special family day...
 She wanted to go up, up and away by herself!
 Then she went again with her dad.

Afterwards what put this girl on cloud nine was going to pet stores to find a furry animal she could bring home. She wanted something other than a fish this time around.

Meet Sam...
The girls at the pet store didn't know if it was a girl or boy. They believed he/she was too young to tell, so we named the fuzzy teddy bear hamster Sam (Samuel, Samantha, Samster...). After having the little fur ball for awhile Kaelyn says it is a boy because he snores!!! Ha, ha!

 This one made me laugh! Sam's hands up in the air, "Oh NO, not another hug!!!"

At the end of the day she insisted on family art time with her new gifts.
Happy seventh sweet girl! I look forward to creating many more happy memories with you! 

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