God Loves You print {& other artwork with wood}

{God Loves You Customizable Art Print}
I haven't done an art post for awhile so figured I'd share a few projects that have been going on recently. Above is a new design I created and made available in the shop last month. A name can be added to the bottom of the cross for a special personalized gift; works great for Christenings, baptismal birthdays, baby showers...
I have had so much fun experimenting with wood burning! I worked on the "You are a wonderfully made child of God" piece during the last art group day. It has since been completed and given to a very special girl for her birthday this past Sunday. :)
{special request to bring out the graphics}

The project below has been keeping my husband from Wisp Woods very busy. The finished pieces are going to be awesome but they are quite complicated to make with so many parts, large size and different colors. I'm trying to help out with the staining. I hope the customer loves the final works!
So that's a glimpse of a few of the recent wood projects going on around here.

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