School and a Race

My baby has grown so much from one year ago. She is doing so many things on her own now, which makes this mama's heart happy and a little sad at the same time. August 20th was the day Kaelyn had been excitedly waiting for. She was ready to get back to school.
 I may have tried talking her out of her backpack. Didn't work. :)

Labor day weekend was the last crit race for the year. I think I'm finally doing better photographing the races. (or maybe I was just lucky at this one.) It is a fun challenge to get the racers in focus when they are flying by so quick. Not easy! I think hubby said he got up to 29 miles/hr at this race. (flat course... insane!) K and I enjoy the track layout because we get to see the racers often. Thankfully there weren't any nasty crashes around the curves this time.

{a few of the competitors}

{He won some cash and dinner out! He gave the Red Lobster meal away to another competitor though since K and I have so many food issues. This made a newbie to the race happy. My man is such a sweet guy!}
{Kaelyn is so proud of her daddy!}

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martinealison said...

Bonjour chère amie,

Je suis certaine que votre adorable petite fille a fait une excellente rentrée scolaire... Elle est rayonnante.
Vos photos sont superbes... pas facile de photographier des cyclistes !... Mais l'amour est là pour vous aider à soutenir le papa de votre charmante enfant.
Gros bisous