Friday Favorite {Recipe}

After a complete diet change and lots of time experimenting in the kitchen, I feel I have learned a lot and have come up with some pretty good allergy friendly/Candida free recipes. I have to admit, I was scared of cooking or sharing my food with others in public. I knew my taste buds changed a lot after eliminating sugar and eating totally different foods. When our family bible study started, everyone was suppose to bring food to share beforehand. I was a little freaked out about it. Kaelyn and I couldn't eat other people's food so I had to prepare a main dish that everyone could have. I was worried that no one would like/eat what I made... it doesn't always look the most appetizing. I had to focus on my family though and I knew what I could cook that my daughter liked and was good for her. So one of my first dishes I made for others was my cabbage casserole, and to my great surprise it was a hit! People (without food issues) were asking how I made it! This was shocking to me! And recently I made it for a church potluck and it went over the same. More people wanted the recipe so I figured I'd share it here as well.
These organic ground turkeys are a little less than a pound. I purchase them in the frozen health food area in HyVee. Their price is better than specialty health food stores.
I like quite a bit of seasoning for lots of flavor. Beware, the more turmeric you add, the yellower the dish will be. I like to make a large pot full so we have leftovers and K has some to take to school for lunch.
{click on recipe image card then right click and go to print}
Hope you enjoy the dish. Have a fantastic weekend!

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