World's Best

Okay, maybe I'm a little biased, only a little... We are blessed with some of the best men (and women) in our family. Two of the amazing men are my dad and husband. There seriously needs to be more people like them in this world. They are always willing to help others for nothing in return. Hearts of gold.
There's a ton more to say about all their wonderful qualities but I better not turn this post into a book. :)

My dad was away over the actual Father's day (being awarded national champ in a different state) so he received his gift a little late...
 Kaelyn had fun helping make/finish the shirt. Yes, I'm a design nerd and did the tag too. 
The little things are too fun!

Father's day around home was pretty quiet, but it was a good day with some family time.
I'm sure they get sick of me taking pictures, but I can't resist moments like this. ♥

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