Catching my Breath

It has been a bit exhausting around here, but I guess that is good. That means I'm feeling well enough to get a lot done. Finally today I have a little time to catch my breath.

I have so many blog post ideas and things I want to share but just haven't had the time. Hopefully I can eventually get to sharing more health and art posts with all of you.

This is just a little bit of what I've been up to...

busy in the art room. Lots of projects going on and many hours spent on these bags.
Had to test one out. Worked good. :)

While I was working, K went fishing with the boys. (Her grandpa and dad.)
She caught 2 huge northern!

She thought it was pretty cool to catch dinner and feed her family for free. Yes, it was all free, she even got her own bait... dead minnows from the lake. Worked like a charm. Tasted great and she never felt bad for eating the monsters. :)
Other than working on design projects and work orders, I've been busing co-leading close to 60 VBS kids in crafts, hosting a church/bible study class weekly at our house, getting our vegetable garden in, cleaning out our strawberry patch, painting group, several kids are always stopping by, K's been going to her second Bible school event and of course there is still a lot of time spent cooking healthy meals. So that is just a bit of our craziness lately and why I haven't been a better blogger.
Hope your summer has been off to a good start. We are sure enjoying the warmer weather!

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