Locks of Love

For the longest time Kaelyn was all against going to a hair salon and having her hair cut. She didn't want to sit still for me to do it either... so I've only actually cut her long hair length once! I guess it's a good thing she didn't grow hair until she was three. :)

Then there was a change of heart. I won't forget the day she came home from kindergarten and said she wanted to donate her hair to Locks of Love and she was ready to go to the hair salon at any time, the sooner the better. I had not mentioned Locks of Love before. She heard about it at school and knew it was something she really wanted to do. ♥
 After the craziness of our school and bible schools' schedule, we got it done. Thanks to Reflections Hair Salon in Brookings for working us in! Ten inches was donated. She's already talking about donating again.

This little girl has such a big, giving heart. I pray she will always stay this way.
So proud of her! ♥

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