Makes Me Happy...

I needed a break from work and decided to share some things that have made me happy this month.
 * {Warmer Days and a Cutie} This photo I took last summer is sitting on my art room table. First of all, he is such a cutie! Just looking at him makes me smile. Then the photo excites me for warmer weather to come. Our snow was almost gone this past Monday and then on Tuesday we got dumped on, about a foot of snow, not exaggerating. So looking at summery photos make me happy. :)

* {New Recipes} Last week I created a couple yummy recipes. Love when an experiment turns out. If you have followed my blog for awhile, you would know that awhile back I hated cooking/spending time in the kitchen. NOT my thing. But when you are given health issues to deal with and a very limited diet you have no other option then to spend time in the kitchen. I've learned a lot and now I know I can create in the kitchen, with food! I will be sharing recipes in the future.

* {Toothpaste} It has been months since I wanted to make my own homemade toothpaste. I finally did it early this week. So far I LOVE it. My teeth feel like they have just been professionally cleaned and it is all healthy, simple ingredients. HERE is the recipe I went by. After I use it for a month or two and if I still really like it I will be sure to share what exactly I used.

* {Bible Studies} We have been going to a Sunday morning Bible class for awhile now and have recently started going to a family bible study too. I leave both with an amazing, uplifting feeling. I believe they make me be and strive to be a better person. Such an experience that it is hard to explain. ♥

* {Things Kids Say} Kaelyn is so excited for her first ever sleepover. She planned it. She originally said, "Mom and dad need a date! I don't care what you do without me, just go." She's been on the countdown for awhile now and she can't wait until it happens this weekend. So I get a quiet night out with my man. Yay!

* {Health} No crazy stomach pains that caused me to curl up on the couch this week. Hurray! I thought I had been doing so much better and wham I tried some new foods, not knowing one was in the nightshade family. Nightshades HATE me. :( They make me feel like someone is tearing my insides out. Then I also find out things that are labeled gluten free aren't necessarily gluten free. So much of a percent is okay with certain labels and Celiacs have to know their special labels!!!! URRRR! Learning stuff the hard way. Makes me more thankful when things go smoothly.

* {Art Group} It is fun to get away and do fine art with no other distractions and have other supportive artists around you. It is a time set aside to do what I love.

* {Customers} So very thankful for all my customers. I have new design ideas for the shop and I can't wait to get them created!!! I also get so excited when I see photos come my way showing how people displayed my work. Makes me happy!
{First We Had Each Other art print in aqua and orange}
Okay, now I need to get back to work. Big sale tomorrow. 
Not quite ready... that doesn't make me so happy. Ha! Hope you all have a happy weekend! :)

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