Living Today {A Heart Wrenching Letter}

Several people I know have recently lost their life to cancer. It is scary. More are struggling with it. A young teenage boy from my town is currently fighting for his life. And we continue to pray and offer support when we can. Although the situations are so very sad, there is so much to be learned from these events, from the people who are struggling.
Some of you bloggers may follow Sweet Something Designs and know that Michelle recently lost her fight to the horrible disease. Or maybe a better way to put it is the Lord was ready to take her pain away and take her home, because she never gave up fighting. While scrolling down my feedly posts I came upon the sweetest letter Michelle's husband wrote to her on her blog. Here is the first sheet:
Please go HERE and read the rest of the letter.

My heart is heavy. Justin's letter made me cry. How often we focus our lives on things and thoughts that don't really matter... money, things, future goals, our looks, personal wants... One day not too far off we will be gone and these things will have no value. So should our motivation in life be any of this? Maybe one of our top priorities should be to learn from each other. To teach others to be better (in a graceful way). We should love one another and support each other through good times and bad. We shouldn't turn our back on those who need us. Sometimes we stay so busy that we are missing out on what is truly important. Tomorrow any one of us could be gone. Are you ready for this to be your last day on earth? It could be a loved one's last day... Do what you can today, for there may be no tomorrow.

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