Music for Him

Just a couple of recent tidbits...
I love when she sits down at the piano and makes up a "God song" as she calls it. :) So sweet!
In other news, yesterday we celebrated my grandma's 91st birthday! Kaelyn and her great grandma made more music together and we all played hide and go seek... Kaelyn's request! Now how many 91 year olds do you know that are still playing hide and go seek?... and yes, she takes her turn hiding! I LOVE it and so does Kaelyn. After we left Kaelyn said, "That was the BEST!" We are so blessed to live near her and be able to spend time with her. My grandma is such a wonderful role model with a strong Christian foundation. She has taught me so much over the years and continues to do so. Praise the Lord for family and good times together! :)

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