I'm not quite sure what happened to November? It was a whirlwind to say the least... a roller coaster of emotions. Hopefully December will be a little more laid back and we can enjoy the Christmas festivities. To get myself thinking of more relaxing things I can at least turn to these photos... second best to actually being there.
Here's Corolla Beach...
We originally headed up to the northern part of Corolla to find the wild horses. Little did we know you had to have 4 wheel drive to get there and hiking wasn't an option. Since I like to watch my pennies we didn't go with the spendy tours to get there so we opted for some beach fun.
Corolla Beach was beautiful but it was a lot more crowded then Coquina Beach (farther south) and it didn't have any of the amenities that Coquina had. Your car was the changing room.
Horses or not, Kaelyn was thrilled to get back on the boogie board...
Right across from Corolla Beach we found Currituck Lighthouse.
and we were all for climbing the 214 stairs to see the views from the top.
Once back on the ground level we found a fun little nature path.
Even though we didn't see what we originally planned we had a lot of fun and spent very little. Can't beat that! :)


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

What a beautiful place! I love that photo looking up at the stairs! Looks like so much fun. Hope you have a peaceful December, Jodi!

martinealison said...

L'imprévu est très souvent le meilleur moyen de passer un excellent moment et à en juger l'attrait de vos photos, nul doute ce fut merveilleux !
Je me sentirais très heureuse sur cette plage... En ce moment l'hiver s'est installé chez moi et le froid qui va avec !

Je suis très admirative du paysage vu du phare... Sublime vue.

Gros bisous à vous et à votre charmante petite fille qui grandit!