New Painting "Seeking Your Path"

Here's my newest acrylic painting I completed early this last week. I was struggling with the colors because every time I look at anothers artist's work with bright colors it makes me want to go brighter, but after three tries I ended up back to my earthy color palette. I thought maybe it was just my style but when I painted at the open studio yesterday I did come out with a brighter painting...its not finished yet. (that one is going in the direction of being a kid painting...Kaelyn loved the colors) Anyway, I guess these colors just fit my theme the best, and was just meant to work out the way it did. I titled it "Seeking Your Path" and it was inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson's quote, "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." We need to be inspired to make our own path in life and not just be a follower. Sometimes it takes a lot of encouragement and faith to follow our heart and dreams, but life goes by so quickly so why not take the chance and leave our own trail!? No matter what happens you will learn something new and you won't have to regret not trying it in the future. Hope you enjoy it. Prints are available in my etsy shop if your interested.


Amy said...

I have so much respect for you! You are one busy lady! I don't know how you have been getting so many great paintings done. With kaelyn running around you still have accomplished so much and they are fantastic. You inspire me so much!

Jodi L. Spilde said...

I looooove everything you have on here! I'm jealous of it all!! I can't wait to paint with you guys sometime! And I wish I knew PhotoShop as well as you! Great ideas!

Tanya Gwen Minnick said...

Wow, your painting is beautiful! It really speaks to me, I love the earthy colours too..I'm glad I came across your blog.