Friday Favorites {Good Books}

The majority of books read in our household are kid books but every once in awhile I get around to reading something... usually about health or faith. 
Here are a few of our recent favorites that we recommend:
Quiet Times with God ~ for kids; we read Bible stories every night before bed. This has been our favorite so far. Even I look forward to what the next verse and reading will be.

The English Roses by Madonna ~ fantastic girly book; super fun illustrations and the story is wonderful and heartfelt. The story teaches about not judging others; you never know what someone is dealing with in their life. I would highly recommend for any girl age 5 to around 12.

Twelve Ordinary Men ~ This was recommended in our church class last year and I bought it for my Grandma. She read it and thought it was good and loaned it back to me to read. I have only a few pages left. The book shares information on how the twelve disciples chosen by Jesus really weren't much different from you or me. I love how it reminds us that God uses perfectly ordinary people in remarkable ways, we only have to trust and be faithful.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration~ An eye opening book about a dentist who really wanted to know why some people had good teeth and others didn't. He went all over to research what people ate and what their structure and teeth looked like. The book really tells how much nutrition impacts our health. You will not be surprised why there are so many more illnesses today after reading this book.

After looking for the book a few times at Barnes and Noble and having no luck, I found the pdf online for free! So happy about that. If you are interested in reading it, click HERE.

Happy reading!

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