A Fairy Party

Instead of spending much time on a special cake this year for Kaelyn's party I spent it on the invitation. 
From a designers standpoint that is by far the most fun. :)
Kaelyn was busy months ago working on fairy pictures for the walls. We added fairy balloons, fairy figurines (which she already had), fairy coloring/sticker books, and wands. Fairy success!

I made allergy friendly/gluten free chocolate cupcakes. Recipe is found HERE from The Renegade Kitchen. I made a couple tweaks, I doubled the batch, used half the coconut sugar and added a little stevia, plus added in a sprinkle of Enjoy Life chocolate chips. I then made the healthiest frosting recipe I could find... coconut, recipe also from The Renegade. I cut out the agave/coconut syrup part and I didn't have full fat coconut milk on hand so had to use light which made for a runnier frosting but worked fine. I can't give my input on taste since I was unable to try them at this time, but birthday girl gave them two thumbs up and wanted to eat them all, so they passed the test. :)

 There was lots of play time...

Kaelyn thought it would be fun to have help on her Valentine's box.

Last year we went with mini play doughs for her classmates, this year it was organic suckers which all the kids seem to love the fruit flavors. Kaelyn had her mind made up for how she wanted to make valentines so I didn't have to help at all. {insert happy mom that didn't have much time!}

Happy Valentine's Day! 
Be sure to hug a loved one and let them know how much you care about them today.


Christie Cottage said...

Adorable invites for a lovely girl

What a cool Valentines box too


Jodi Ulschmid said...

Thank you!
They did do a great job on the box. :)