Tooth Fairy!

 Having her first loose tooth was harder on me than I expected... it is another step away from the baby stage. It pretty much hit me the same way as when she walked across the room at 10 months. I was happy for her, in shock, and sad to see my baby growing up so quickly. You can't dwell on the negatives so I was determined to make this event special. How could you not when she was excited about wiggling the tooth around and talking about the tooth fairy for about 2 weeks? So my first step was going through my craft drawers to find felt and thread to make a tooth fairy pouch. Forget under the pillow, with a hyper active sleeper and a tiny tooth, the fairy would never be able to find it! Plus the tooth fairy doesn't want to be squooshed bringing her surprise. :)
 Luckily the pouch was completed just in time. That same night K's tooth came out! It ended up being a bit more of a tragic event rather than exciting but at least she was happy making an adorable card for the tooth fairy.
 Really she could have cared less about the money, she just wanted to know the tooth fairy's name. :)
When I was making the pouch I was originally going to have the tooth part be a pocket, but then when K said she was going to make something for the fairy and the tooth fairy may want to leave something a bit bigger than money I decided on a double pocket. Since I didn't have any ribbon around I used some tulle to make a handle. (just hand sewed everything together)

One of my favorite details was the certificate left behind with the details of her age, when she lost her tooth plus a special note on the bottom just for her. Thanks to Mike Adair for creating the design and sharing it with the tooth fairy! :) Go HERE if you know a tooth fairy wanting to do the same. K's certificate was printed at about 4"x 5" and was digitally customized.

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