Las Vegas!

The amount of money spent on architecture/details on Vegas's strip is insane! It is an amazing sight to see. Day life and night life are so different on the strip. Day life is kid friendly while night life is not and can be a bit scary even for adults. (for me anyway.) The lights lit up at night are awesome!
Here are just a few photos from our strip experience:

You don't have to go very far to be away from the crowds and craziness. Vegas is surrounded by beautiful mountain views...

{church Vegas style ~ Canyon Ridge Christian Church}
Coming from South Dakota I have never been to a church like this! It was like going to a concert yet better because the whole event was about God and His important message. Kids go to a separate "base camp" where they have their own faith based activities. Kaelyn loved being dropped off to meet and play with other kids. (There is a safe/strict check in and out of children which was very nice and kids are divided according to age.)

A Vegas highlight for Kaelyn was going to the Discovery Children's Museum. It was a complex place. I think kids could get lost in there for a week... and they wouldn't care. :) There are different floors full of things to keep them busy.

We miss the fantastic company we had while on the trip. I also miss the heat, although it has warmed up again back home. Yay for that otherwise I'd really be wanting to go back!
Next post I'll share a Vegas restaurant recommendation with you... just in case you make it to the area. :)


Christie Cottage said...

Wonderful pictures and architecture !

Your daughter is growing up fast. Lookalike she had funN


Jodi Ulschmid said...

Thank you!
Yes, Kaelyn is growing up way too fast. She had so much fun on the trip she kept saying she wanted to move there. :)