A Vegas must + 10 years!

Ten years ago today I married my best friend. He has been such a huge blessing in my life. God knew just who I needed by my side, and though life has certainly not always been easy for us, we have experienced some amazing adventures together.
While in Vegas a very special couple lined up a double date night and it was so much fun! We headed to Tivoli Village which is away from the strip and away from the crowds. Just what I like... quiet, beautiful scenery, shops, food and adult time together with people I love.

We ate at the Poppy Den and oh my goodness, the food was amazing!!!

Yes, I was the crazy person taking pictures of the food. Ha! Can you tell I don't get out much? It was good for laughs. :) Anyway, I had the Mahi Mahi with onion jam & dill. Our table also shared bowls of Quinoa fried rice and Kimchi (I think thats the name could be wrong it was made with seaweed and I had to try it!) The chef also gave us Kimchi(?) pickles to try. I am not a pickle person, but these were good and had a kick that left you wanting more. There wasn't anything I didn't like. Chef Angelo Sosa is a seriously good cook; you can tell by the taste, cooking is his passion.

Love the lights and details.
If you are in the Las Vegas area, I highly recommend giving Poppy Den a try.
Thank you again to the couple who made this night happen. We refer to it as a wonderful & memorable 10 year anniversary celebration.
To my man ~ looking forward to many more exciting adventures with you! You are the best!

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