Happy May Day!
Crazy that April is already over! I planned on doing more blogging and I blinked and the month was over. I don't know how those of you who are such faithful bloggers do it. I'm not so good at balancing everything. Maybe this month I can do a bit better? Not promising though! :)

Here is a glimpse of some of our April highlights...
Lots more snow arrived. One day the snowflakes were landing just right on our large picture window in our living room so we could see the details of the flakes. Love how unique they are! ♥

Wisp woods customer came to pick up his tables. Hubby did a beautiful job!

You can see from this detail shot that his projects are not quickly put together.
They are made to last and are beautiful to look at as well.
{Kaelyn says her daddy is the best woodworker ever!}
{K's baptismal birthday ~ opening a fun gift from her godparents}
{loving the outdoors}

{Be Still & Let God art print}
New prints were added to my etsy shop.

{special customer reuest ~ Your First Breath}
{chicken & veggie dish}
{daddy/daughter day ~ they go all out with their fort making}

I had a fun girls day rummaging. This set of My Little Ponies was one of the best dollars spent. Yep, $1 for a set of 5 ponies in great condition and they have kept her entertained for a long time! Yay! :)
{Wisp Woods onto a new walnut table project ~ check out that chunck of wood!}
{sanding the walnut is going to take a lot of work ~ can't wait to see the finished product}
{Brookings triathlon ~ Hubby is in lane one on the far left}
We didn't know if the triathlon was going to be cancelled on the 27th due to all the snow we were getting. We were still getting snow on the 24th! To our surprise the weather turned out to be gorgeous! Temps skyrocketed to the 70's!!! It was a gorgeous day!
{K loves finishing races with her dad!}
{hubby did great and got third in his age group}
{finally warm enough for a family bike ride}
{and a bonfire!!! I LOVE warm weather!}
{K says she wants to roast marshmallows every night.}

Sadly the warm weather only lasted for the weekend, but it should be warming up again soon... I hope. At least we didn't get more snow today like they forcasted. :)

Ok, I better stop with the pictures. My tummy is grumbling. I better get to making supper.

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martinealison said...

Un très joli patchwork de photos...
Des moments intenses et merveilleux...Votre petite fille grandit de plus en plus et en la voyant jouer avec ses poneys, je pense à ma fille Daphné qui aimait jouer avec les siens... A présent, elle attend un bébé pour début novembre ! Ainsi, le temps où elle jouait comme la vôtre me semble être loin.
Profitez bien de chacun de ces doux moments...
Bravo votre époux est un sportif et menuisier astucieux.
Chez nous aussi le printemps cette année est très capricieux !
Gros bisous à vous