Healthy Living {where to shop}

Do you suffer from one or more of the following... weight gain, sleep disturbances, skin problems, reoccurring sicknesses/flu, bloating, allergies, autoimmune diseases or something else that just doesn't have you feeling as good as you should? With health problems on the rise, it is no wonder people are looking for healthy resources. Did you know that most health problems start in our gut? With that said there is one major thing to look at, what are we feeding our gut? Are we eating entirely nutritious foods? And yes, I said entirely. Today it seems that if a food has one nutritious ingredient it is believed to be good for you, or maybe you are eating foods that are highly marketed saying they are healthy and all natural when really they aren't good for you... it's only a sales tactic. Horrible right!?

Well I have learned a ton in the last 3 years of my own families health struggles. We've dealt with thyroid problems, Graves Disease, sleep problems, stomach problems, anxiety, a large number of allergies and skin problems with our daughter and reoccurring sicknesses. We've seen 6 different doctors with some of the above issues and now know that most doctors look for a quick fix to mask the surface problem. But I wanted to find the root of the problem! I didn't want my daughter or myself to continue to not feel well. I could write a book about our health journey but I don't want to bore you to death right now, so I will fast forward and say by making a huge change in our diets by eating organic, our family is doing sooo much better! Seriously to have control again over your body feels amazing!!! You might not even realize you have a problem until you make the change. Before when I woke up in the mornings, all I wanted to do was go back to sleep. Kaelyn would be dragging me out of bed! Not any more! My skin is a lot better and all of Kaelyn's horrible rashes are gone! Other then a cough she hasn't been sick even when she shares germs with all her preschool friends! You have no idea how huge that is when a year ago she would come down with something just going to church! We were worried about her starting school and picking up all the germs, wondering how many days she'd miss due to illness. Knock on wood, I'm happy to say she hasn't missed one so far! So I am a strong believer that eating good organic, nutritious foods can fix most health problems.

Eating healthy seems to come at a price. We don't have many options with the stores around us. The one health section we have is expensive and to tell you the truth half of the food doesn't even taste that great and even though a lot of it is in the health aisle, it is not healthy. People need to know what they are eating and feeding their gut. There is a lot to learn about reading labels. But back to the price point, one day I came across Vitacost when I was in need of getting some more quality multi-vitamins that my doctor suggested. I was amazed at the Vitacost site. To put it short Vitacost is healthy living made easy! Seriously shop in the comfort of your own home, in your pjs if you like. :) It is easy to find whatever you are looking for from foods to beauty products plus so much more with their search box, the products are so much cheaper and the quality is amazing! They also have great product photos with detailed descriptions with helpful reviews! What else could you ask for? Free shipping? Spend over $49 and it is free! Believe me, that is not hard to do with all their awesome food and household items. If you still think the prices are high, think of it this way, if you are just eating cheap crap food, your going to get sick and their will be many more doctor bills... just saying... it will probably come back to bite you in the butt, it did me.

Anyway, I was so excited to find Vitacost that I wanted to share the news with you. I know how horrible it is to not feel like yourself so if I can help one person feel better, I'll be happy. :)
I'll continue to do health related posts every once in awhile on tips and good products that have helped our family. Healthy living has become extremely important to me and I hope more people will focus on it as well.

I'll stop rambling so you can check out Vitacost. Click Here! They are having a 12% off sale on all products today. Use code 1BIGSALE at checkout. I'm definitely going to be ordering more. :)


Jen Price said...

How wonderful to be feeling better! For sickness, I always turn to diet or herbs over prescription medication. I find it works so much better!

Jodi Ulschmid said...

Yes! I still have a little ways to go, but I'm a lot better then I was! And your right, diet and herbs/superfoods are by far superior to any prescription med. Just wish I knew what I know now several years ago. :)

Beth Morey said...

Great resource - thanks! So glad eating clean has helped resolve many of your family's problems. My husband suffers from numerous chronic undiagnosable issues, and I'm trying to convince him to eat healthier.

I'm so glad you commented on my blog, because I'm loving your blog and never would have discovered it otherwise, I think. Thanks! :)

Jodi Ulschmid said...

Hi Beth! Keep working on your husband. Healthy food is the best medicine. Finding foods that are best for your body is the tricky part. Food intolerances are so common and many people don't know they have them. Good luck to you and your husband and thanks for stopping by! :)