February Photo Recap

A few highlights from the past month...
{Rainbow drawing by Kaelyn, age 4, for her rainbow birthday party}
{Happy Fifth Birthday!}
Allergy friendly vanilla cake with buttercream frosting ~ tasted like marshmallow cake. K loved it even though she's normally a chocolate cake kind of girl. One of her friends also had some allergies so soy ingredients were omitted too. We used coconut oil as a replacement for the palm oil shortening. There were no egg, wheat, dairy, peanut, nut, or soy products used. Recipe and other allergy friendly birthday cakes can be found HERE. Just be aware it takes a long time to make. :)
{Pumpkin pancakes for Valentines day breakfast.}
{K's valentine bear box for school}
{Kaelyn designed a bicycle mug for her daddy's valentines gift. This is his bike.}
{my bike and her bike}

A fun family outing...
{Super easy Banana Oatmeal Cookies}
{Creatively pulling a sled!}
{homemade veggie/fruit drink} 
Tips on getting a kiddo to drink them... call them super power drinks! Have them help put the ingredients in the blender and push the buttons. Add just enough fruit so it has a sweet taste that disguises the veggies. :) I've been taking a couple health classes lately online and have been learning so much about food, sugars and organic living. I'm hopeful I can feel "normal" again!

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