Winter Themed Birthday Party

Kaelyn loves the snow and since she has a February birthday I thought it would be fun to have a winter themed party. Wouldn't you know that it happened to be the first year here in SD that we barely had any snow! So much for sledding and building snowmen outside. Ha, ha! Oh well Kaelyn was just thrilled to have people come visit her, sing Happy Birthday and eat cake! Here are a few shots of her fourth birthday celebration...
Buttercake made by Kaelyn, her grandma Shari and her mama. :) I had this cake idea in my head for a long time and I always thought it would be such a quick one to do. Well the cake was but cutting the letters and mittens out of felt and threading them onto the line of yarn took some time. The good thing was that K really liked it! And as far as the actual cake went, it disappeared that day. So I guess everyone liked it!
Some of the snowmen K enjoyed making with grandma the day before her party.
A nice shot thanks to aunt Amy for distracting her.
(Snowman table runner made by my great aunt Char.)
This is her usual silly self. Ha, ha!
Singing Happy Birthday.
And you can't have a winter themed party without the hot cocoa & marshmallows!
Thanks again to everyone who came to celebrate. Kaelyn said several times after everyone left that her favorite part was that her friends (aka family) came to visit her! :)


Art From My Heart said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures, Jodi. It looks like she had a wonderful time. Looking forward to being back to painting with all of you this spring.

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Aww... what a sweet birthday party! I love the little banner on her cake. Love the white lights too! Great photos of the birthday girl! :)

Frances said...

Looks like your kid enjoyed the winter themed birthday parties you prepared for her special day!