Our family really likes pasta but Kaelyn has never been fond of tomato sauce. She isn't like most kids... she'll skip the pizza and the regular spaghetti because of the sauce. She didn't even like it when she was in my tummy! Ha! The funny thing is she will eat fresh slices of tomato... so when you make pasta at our house you have to be a little creative. We rarely measure ingredients just throw in what we have available. If we really like something, we add more of it. In the pasta above I added olive oil, a bit of coconut oil (added to the pasta when it was warm so it melts), basil, oregano, garlic, pepper, pinches of fresh spinach, small chunks of tomato, small chunks of avocado, parmesan and flax seed. Look around your kitchen for a bit of a variation... lately we've been adding in pieces of crab. It is fun trying new things... and when it is healthy for you it is even better. :)

I'll share some birthday pictures with you this next week... Kaelyn had a great fourth birthday. Thank you to all those that made it extra special!
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Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Ohh... that looks delicious! And so pretty! :)