...my birthday. Thanks to my hubby for the many wonderful surprises to make my b-day extra special. We did most of the celebrating over the weekend but he still did many nice things for me today... made me a delicious steak and the drinks above, rented a movie I had wanted to see plus lots more... he's the best! My parents took Kaelyn for a good part of the day so I worked on house projects. I know, what a way to celebrate huh, but I actually really enjoyed getting it accomplished. It's just so hard to do some projects with a two year old around. Anyway, it's one of the last house renovation projects. Yay! Hopefully it will be the last room to paint, ok, at least for awhile anyway until I decide to repaint rooms again. :) Now hubby can finish installing the sink and Kaelyn's little bathroom will be about finished. Some of you may remember it, its the half bath I had posted about a LONG time ago. I ended up redoing the walls (tried to patch cracks the first time and primed but hated it so retextured-much longer process) and hubby had to build the vanity. Everything always takes longer then expected, but the good news is it's really close to being done! I promise I'll share pictures when it is completely finished.
Hope you are all having a great week!

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