Busy Little Girl and a Request

Some people ask me how I get so much done while also taking care of Kaelyn. Well, it's definitely not easy but sometimes you just have to let them do their own thing and hope for the best. Kaelyn has been getting better at keeping herself occupied. She's not constantly asking me to read a book, play ball, play school or doctor with her... instead she's being more creative lately. When I was upstairs printing in my art room I thought I better run down and check on her in the kitchen. When I was coming down the stairs she was saying, "oh no, HIDE!" I was thinking, oh no, what am I going to find? She was hiding her arm as if I wouldn't notice... ha, ha!

Then she was checking out her work and told me she was just matching the dots on her shirt!

I must say it was a pretty good job. 11 different colored dots on her hand plus a few more on the inside! I told her no more drawing on hands... only paper and she said "ok mom."

Here is one of the drawings she made for her great grandma who turned 88 today! Yes, she did it all by herself and she's not quite 3 yet. She wrote 'HI' then she circled it and put a balloon in front of it which is colored pink. I love the face in the bottom left corner and all the little circle doodles everywhere. I can't wait to see what this little girl will be creating in another year. Little kids art is so refreshing! Imaginative and so unique. Love it!
So anyway she continued drawing so I figured it was safe to run back to my art room and when I returned back down stairs I heard water running. At first I thought ok, she's just washing off her hands. I look in the bathroom and she looks like a drowned rat! I ask, "What are you doing?!" She says, "I'm playing water tag... with my friend." Yeah, she has imaginary friends already. Oh goodness. She was pretty soaked and there was a good amount of water on the floor which she fell in. She said, "oh it's slippery!" and went to clean it up with the towel. Have to give her credit for cleaning up the mess and she did wash off all the marker on her hands by herself.
Then on to supper. She only wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Well, she even has to eat this creatively... no taking regular bites. No this girl takes finger swipes and eats it a dab at a time. I think it takes her almost an hour to eat a sandwich... not joking.
Really, you can't just take a bite and eat the bread, peanut butter and jelly all at the same time???

No matter how hard you try to have her just take a normal bite, it doesn't work. She's happy doing it her way.

And I can't help but chuckle... seriously, if it makes her so happy, go for it! Children really do teach you what life is really all about! Enjoy it! :)

On a much more serious note though, we do need to enjoy every day we have and live in the moment because we have no idea what tomorrow is going to bring. My cousin's wife's sister had a horrible stroke recently and is fighting for her life. Joanne (some of you may know her from her blog A Simple Wife) is only 38 with two young girls and a wonderful husband. Prayers are definitely needed for her and her family.

You can read more about Joanne's story HERE and there are details there if you would like to financially help the family as well.

Remember to not take life too seriously. We're only here for a short time... have fun, be you, help others, love the gift of life. ♥


Jill said...

awwwwww! Brings back amazing memories of when my kids were little. It goes so fast!

Christie Cottage said...

What wonderful pictures and creations too!


Prayers for your friend.

Kelly Berkey said...

your daughter is adorable. i forgot what it was like to have a little one around.
I will keep joanne in my thoughts, what a terrible thing to go through.

Lorrie Everitt Studio said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today! What an adorable post ... I loved that age with my two girls. Since my girls are now 11 and almost 17 - I sometimes wish that we had more of those days together. Life just gets so busy - sometimes you have to remember to slow down and enjoy the little things.

I also read Joanne's blog ... very touching. I hope that everything goes well for her. I cried a bit when I went through some of the posts because it brought back some difficult memories of myself going through a very similar situation in 2009 ... after my brain surgery and the long recovery I have been able to regain my motor skills, I am doing fine and proof that you can adapt and survive. My thoughts are with Joanne and her family today.