Hope You had a Great Birthday!!!

My man's birthday was Friday! We were able to celebrate just the two of us for awhile on Thursday night... thanks to grandma for watching Kaelyn. :) It was a nice time away. Great Mexican supper and then to a movie! We haven't been to the theater for a year and a half!!! Not joking, we rarely go out. Friday we went to Sioux Falls to go on a family bike ride on their nice bike trail. I knew I should have brought the camera with us on our ride. It was BEAUTIFUL! We had to wait until after supper as it was the hottest day of the summer but that all worked out fine. The trail went along the river with different parks and bridges along the way. There was even one just for dogs, with a nice fenced in area for them to run. Kaelyn loved that and didn't want to leave. I definitely recommend the Sioux Falls bike trail to everyone. We started at the Sertoma Butterfly House and headed east. Here are a few shots of before and after the ride:

Note: the trail is much nicer than what you see in these photos and it is paved. Yes we all have sexy biking helmets! Ha, Ha! David is dangerous on a bike so we all wear one. He did almost crash into another biker due to losing focus on the path and watching the large tree trunks. I think I need to pull him in a cart!
Here's the birthday card I designed for him. I wrote some more about it on Touched Creatively's blog. I can't wait to use this technique again. Lots of ideas floating around in my head. Just hope other people like it too!

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