Busy Weekend

Time never slows down for our family. I've been meaning to get more pictures posted on here with more updates, but I just haven't had enough time to get it done. David did very well at his last 10k race. He got 2nd place in his age group and 11th overall out of about 80! My pictures didn't turn out very good as I was chasing Kaelyn around at the finish line to keep her out of the way.
Kaelyn finally had another play date with her friend Sydney the weekend before last. They had lots of fun together. I've never seen Kaelyn behave so well for an entire day. Guess she needs to get together with Sydney more often! Here are the two girls together. Kaelyn is about a month and a half younger. Wasn't easy getting them to sit still for the camera next to each other.

Hopefully everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend. We were able to work on some remodeling projects. Saturday we spent time at the lake and took the boat out that David built. Kaelyn got her first ride and seemed to enjoy it! She was a little worried at first when she was put in but when David started rowing everything was okay!

David gave me a sewing machine on Thursday! So here starts a new adventure once again! It is exciting since I have seen so many things I would like to have and if I knew how to sew I could make them myself! So my sweet mom gave me my first lesson Sunday afternoon. (Well, I did sew one thing before when I was like 10...but since its been that long we'll just say it was like my first time all over again.) I realized it isn't as easy as it would seem to do small curves. She was amazed at how well I did. My goal is to conquer little curves on a sewing machine and make some super fun toys for kids. I have a few other fun ideas for adults, so we'll see what happens. I know many of you and even myself thought, I didn't need another thing to do!!! Ha, Ha! Might as well try as much as you can before you die, right!? Well, I need to get back to work. Have a great Monday!

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