August Adventures

August was a good, full month. We spent a good part of the first half traveling & sightseeing around Las Vegas and California. Our adventures continued when we returned to South Dakota. We had to make the most of our family time before school started.

 Here's my bicycle that I found at a curbside sale a couple years ago. I was so excited!
She may be pretty old, but she still works great!

 This kiddo is always up for a race. :)

Ok, maybe she won't race down steep hills.
The sun was at the perfect spot for capturing sunflares. ♥

David's Outland Challenge triathlon got changed last minute to a duathlon since the wind was so crazy. Although it was a ton of work to bike and run against the wind he did awesome and came in fifth place overall!
My garden has been producing like it's on steroids! I am thankful for it especially with our special diets due to allergies/intolerances. I have never grown so many different things before, so it has been a lot of fun (and work). This is just one of the small loads.

Kaelyn was given a tiny plant at the end of preschool and shortly before
kindergarten started it bloomed! It's been fun watching it grow.

More art related posts are coming soon!

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