Peaceful stay near the beach

We needed to get away. When hubby and I both have jobs from home it is hard to come by uninterrupted family time. It took quite awhile to decide on a vacation destination. We knew we wanted to go to the beach. It's been five years since we've last been there and we would be celebrating our 9 year wedding anniversary a bit early. At first I was researching the west coast, but just couldn't find a place that wasn't overcrowded and would be kid friendly... so somehow I came across Roanoke Island Inn on the east coast. It fit us perfectly! Charming, peaceful, close to the beach... a real home away from home. Dee and Sarah were so welcoming and helpful during our stay. (Just one of the many things they did was go out of their way to find goat milk for our daughter who is allergic to dairy products. It is not easy to find around that area!)
The inn had lots of character and the views were beautiful! This is our breezeway/deck area that had open views to the backyard as well as the waterfront:

{backyard of Roanoke Island Inn}
{backyard~view towards the inn}

Kaelyn found her hat early on during the trip. She loved it and wore it almost all the time.
Sadly it got left behind at the last restaurant we ate at before getting to the airport. :(
Hopefully it didn't get thrown and another little girl can enjoy it.

That is our breezeway/deck area above. The right leads you to the rooms and the left takes you to the "reception" area...
Such a cozy space and their is a well stocked pantry/kitchen area where you can help yourself to snacks and drinks any time. And if you happened to forget something, no worries, it is probably there or they will find it for you. Awesome!

We were given a family suite. Kaelyn had her own little room. She had her own tv and dresser on the other side. Sleeping went so much better since we had our own rooms!
Our room was huge with a vintage flare. All the rooms are unique... just the way I like it. :)

The view at night couldn't have been better.
I highly recommend the Roanoke Island Inn if you are looking for a charming, peaceful getaway. It honestly was the best place we have ever stayed!

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Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Looks amazing. Just amazing. What a wonderful family vacation!