Girl Time

I'm back! The weather has been gorgeous again the last couple of days. The above photos were taken today in our back yard. Anyway, thanks to my mom and hubby who watched K so I could get in some girl time in Sioux Falls. The mini-getaway was great! Tried Peachwave for the first time. I had never heard of it before... yeah, I don't get out much. :) It was so fun trying so many different flavors of yogurt. Then the next day four of us girls did lots of rummaging. I had actually hit a few by myself the day before. I don't know about you but I find it hard paying full price for kid toys and clothes. They grow out of them way too fast, so being able to get awesome deals on barely used stuff is awesome! Kaelyn was certainly excited with the toys I had picked up for her. I found 2 fun learning games, one is days of the week by Eric Carle's hungry caterpillar, and another is a money game with real looking plastic coins. She insisted we play them as soon as I showed her and they were a hit. Here are some of the other finds I couldn't pass up...
The sleeping bag she is on and the Lets Dress Up book with felt dolls and dress up clothes that looked like it had only been played with once. It reminds me of the paper dolls I used to play with only there's a book with different stage setups. Very cute!
Then onto the bigger toy I couldn't resist since she likes being in the shop with daddy...

Her own little work shop. It will probably be going in the actual shop soon but right now she is loving it in the entry. I'm pretty sure this keeps her busier then her play kitchen!

How about you... do you thrift and/or rummage? What have been some of your favorite finds?

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Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

I have not hit any garage sales yet this year, but I love me some garage saling! :) Looks like you had some great finds. Love those safety goggles... too cute!