Memorable Week

This week like so many others flew by but with a couple memorable/exciting happenings. The beginning of the week I made my 100th etsy sale. To some that is very little, but to me it was huge! I can't say how thankful I am for my customers, and for my blog readers and commenters for encouraging me. You guys are incredible!!! I think most of you etsy shop owners know its not a walk in the park on getting customers to your shop when there are so many other amazing talents within etsy. It just amazes me that all these people all over the world found my little space in the on-line world and liked it enough to buy something! I am one thankful girl! ...and my awesome husband surprised me with this cake to celebrate! ♥

Another amazing thing happened for my husband today. Those of you who have been reading for a while know how much hubby likes to run and bike.. Well he found out yesterday that Lance Armstrong was putting on a bike ride about an hour away from us! I was seriously excited for my husband to go and I can say he couldn't wait either! So when the hour finally came this is what it looked like:

Yeah, I told him he had to take pictures for me since I was unable to be there. As you can see quite a few people were in front of my hubby. I can't even see Lance.

But ...

since my man LOVES riding and can kick butt going up hills, lots of people were dropped and he was able to place himself nice and close to Lance. (He did have to work for it though. Hee, hee.)

Lance is wearing the black shirt with the number 28.

And here Lance is signing autographs afterwards. Hubby just took a picture of him rather than getting anything signed. He didn't want to be pushy. :)

We definitely have lots to be thankful for!
Have a great weekend and a Happy Halloween!


Christie Cottage said...

Cool pictures and hoorah for your hubby getting to articipate and take pictures for you too!


AMKreations said...

That's awesome, for you and hubby! Congrats on that 100th Sale!!!! =)

Kelly Berkey said...

Congrats Jodi! I too was over the moon when I hit 100 sales not too long ago! Way to go...here's to the next 100! xo

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Congratulations on the 100th sale on Etsy... that is fantastic!! I think it is huge... I hope someday I can reach that! :) What an awesome experience for your husband. It is so neat that he made it up close to Lance the hard way... love it!! Have a great Halloween weekend! :)