Easter 2016

Easter break came to an end last night and the kiddo headed back to school this morning. We sure enjoyed good family time. I thought for sure after guests left on Sunday that I would be completely worn out but I actually really wanted to get outdoors, and thankfully my two favorite people (pictured above) went on a 2 mile walk in the country with me! There wasn't even any complaining by the little one! Usually I can't make it much past a block and I hear something negative, so this was HUGE! Then when I got home they continued to spoil me. All I can say is I felt extremely blessed! It was a beautiful Easter. Praise God for all the gifts and people to celebrate with!

There are a few more Easter pics and info on how we celebrate candy free/allergy free at Enduring Health Journey Blog if you are interested in seeing/reading more.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend!

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